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[S5E7] Part 2: A New Darkness

Bold political moves are also being made in town, where Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) learns from Senator Lynelle Perry (Wendy Moniz) that the Department of Interior has approved a pipeline to be dug right beneath the Broken Rock Reservation's drinking water reservoir. He suggests they hold a press conference opposing the project, and urges Perry to invite the governor, who he feels has been neglecting the people in favor of his own personal priorities.

[S5E7] Part 2: A New Darkness


There's no time after for a honeymoon, or even a celebratory lunch. Kim has a meeting to smooth things over at Mesa Verde, a conversation that starts as a groveling session but ends with Kim masterfully turning the tables and preserving the relationship by reminding Kevin that the catastrophe at Tucumcari was at least partly his fault for repeatedly ignoring her legal guidance.

Because we know Mike's future, we understand this part of his past: he's chosen to do right for his granddaughter by doing wrong for Gus Fring. Compromise contains the word "promise," after all. He has no way of knowing how badly it will end.

"Unification" is a two-part episode of the syndicated American science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation which features Leonard Nimoy as Spock. The first of the two episodes earned a 15.4 household Nielsen rating,[1] drawing over 25 million viewers,[2] making it one of the most watched episodes in all seven seasons of The Next Generation's run.

Spock demands that Picard leave Romulus. Picard informs him of the Federation's concern over his "cowboy diplomacy" and tells him that Sarek has died. Spock takes the news of his father's death stoically. He explains to Picard that during the peace negotiations with the Klingons decades earlier, he felt responsible for putting Captain Kirk and his crew at risk, and so is now working alone on a "personal mission of peace" to re-unify the Vulcan and Romulan people. He is working with an underground movement to achieve that aim. Pardek has asked Spock to come to Romulus to meet with the new Proconsul of the Romulan Senate, a young idealist who has promised reforms. Picard expresses concern that the willingness of the Romulans may be part of a larger ploy. Spock agrees but points out that if a larger plot is at work, it is best they play out their roles within it to uncover it. On the Klingon ship Spock and Data work together to break a Romulan code, and complement one another. Spock remarks that Data has achieved the ideal Vulcan state of pure logic without emotion, and Data remarks that Spock feels emotion, which Data is trying achieve.

The Star Trek: Discovery episode "Unification III" is a sequel to this two-parter; it sees Romulan and Vulcan societies united and living on the (now-renamed) 31st Century Vulcan homeworld Ni'Var.[4]

It's Season 5 of Million Dollar Listing New York, where three brokers, Fredrik Eklund, Luis Ortiz, and Ryan Serhant, show the world what it takes to sell high-priced New York City apartments. Check in each week for recaps by Angela Bunt. Episode air date: 6/2/2016.

It's a family affair as Miriam and Gerard bring their kiddies on the next apartment tour with Luis. This one is another UES location, $7 million, but with a twist. Because their budget is a bit restrictive for their desired location, Luis gets creative and suggests they take the remaining $2 million to renovate the space to their liking. Miriam says, "It's too much work, sorry," and tells Luis she is open to looking in a new, more modern neighborhood. Perhaps downtown? And unsure Gerard gives in, saying, "I'm young at heart," and the search continues.

It's time to get the marketing plan going for Ryan's listing in the East Village, so he's enlisted the help of Trina, the best body painter in New York City. (For real, though.) The plan is for her to paint two models to look just like the 100 Avenue A building, only they'll actually be naked. So we've tackled the "sex" part; now where are the drugs and rock & roll?

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Following the younglings' successful test on Ilum, Ahsoka Tano prepares to escort them back to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. In the meantime, as part of their journey, the younglings are to be instructed in the proper construction of their lightsabers under the expert tutelage of the Jedi's prime lightsaber designer and engineer, Huyang. Huyang comments on how Gungi is a Wookiee, and how it is rare for members of his species to join the Jedi Order, then wastes no time introducing the younglings into the basics of determining the styling of their individual lightsabers. Ganodi doubts him due to him being a droid, but Huyang gives them the necessary instructions to assemble their lightsabers from the parts he provides.

Following this, the younglings decide to slow the pirates by employing their lightsaber training drones as part of a cunning trap. They manage to kill two pirates this way, but just before the safety of the hold, they run into Ohnaka himself. Alerted by Zatt and Ganodi, Ahsoka arrives just in the nick of time to engage the pirates in a duel, allowing the younglings and a damaged Huyang to escape to safety. While still outside the safety of the hold, Ahsoka instructs Zatt to execute the last part of the plan, and as the Jedi cruiser rips loose, the docking tube's sealing is broken and pulled out of the ship, managing to grab onto their own ship. But just as Ahsoka closes the outside hatch, a straggler pirate knocks her into the tube as well. As a result, she ends up becoming Ohnaka's prisoner. Holding her responsible for his defeat, Hondo intends to find a way to turn Ahsoka into profit, leaving the younglings alone to deliver this serious news to the Jedi High Council.

"A Test of Strength" is the second episode in a four-part story arc,[3] which was titled "Young Jedi" and previewed as a full-length 80-minute feature at Celebration VI in August 2012 to family viewers.[5] It replaced[3] "The Rise of Clovis," originally reported by Star Wars Insider 134,[6] as the seventh episode in Season Five.[3] Some of the ideas in this story came from a scrapped pilot script for a spin-off TV series.[7]

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Axel, Jack, and Ivory have put some distance between themselves and the church when they're met by Violet. Having managed to escape the church, she must now impart the bad news of Julius' valiant death. It's a hard truth for the group to swallow, but one that gives them all yet another reason to find Dracula... and finish her.

Locke asks whether everyone apart from the people who disappeared are accounted for. Caesar says that they are, other than those who were injured in the crash. He leads Locke to a makeshift infirmary where the injured passengers are resting. Locke moves between them, closely looking at each person. He seems disappointed, until he comes to the last of the injured, who is revealed to be Ben and who Locke identifies as "the man who killed me".

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TVLINE Just last season, Jay was about to propose. Were you surprised by her departure and how suddenly it happened?Yes. I think, last season, we were struggling with how to make a lot of things work and fit a lot of story into a short amount of time. I think Jay had the right intentions. He was trying to do what was right, but going about it the wrong way.

About one year later, a team of women from the Atlantis expedition enter a mysterious cave on the same planet. Captain Alicia Vega finds a gas mask on the ground of the cavern, when they enter a room, which is actually a lab. They decide to contact Atlantis. Meanwhile, Dr. Rodney McKay is talking to Dr. Carson Beckett, who only just got back after six months of leaving, and was packing to leave, after realizing that his place is not Atlantis, since he helped Michael Kenmore with the Hoffan drug, even though he did it against his will. He plans to travel to different planets in the Pegasus Galaxy providing medical care, hoping to atone in part for the lives lost to the Hoffan drug. However, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard walks in the room, and wants Beckett's expertise, since a team discovered a lab that was operated by Michael.

The Cousins pick up Lalo's bail money at a cartel site in Mexico. An informant makes a telephone call to report their presence. Lalo directs Jimmy to a remote pickup site and pays him $100,000 to transport the cash. Kim says she does not want him to go because he is a lawyer, not a "bagman" for drug dealers, but he says it will be an easy job. The Cousins deliver two bags of cash to Jimmy, then depart. As Jimmy starts his return trip, he is cut off by several gunmen. They take the money and prepare to kill him but are attacked by an unseen sniper. All but one are killed and the survivor escapes. The shooter is Mike, who drives off with Jimmy and the cash. Jimmy's car breaks down, so they push it over the edge of the road, then walk cross-country to avoid the gunman. They camp overnight, then continue their trek. When Jimmy fails to return, Kim asks Lalo for his location, but Lalo refuses. The gunman continues searching, so Jimmy acts as a decoy and draws him in. Mike shoots the gunman, whose vehicle flips and is destroyed. Mike and Jimmy resume walking. ("Bagman") 041b061a72

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