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[S2E11] Gone, Baby, Gone

Meanwhile, Culluh has joined the interrogation of Chakotay. Now the questions are rougher, punctuated by hard fist blows. Chakotay responds to each punch by trying to appeal to Culluh as a man who's experienced Seska's manipulation. When he refuses to break, he is injected with a serum that affects his mind. Culluh insists on the command codes but still Chakotay doesn't break. Instead he says he has better information: "When Seska's through with you," he intones, "she's going to kill you." Seska interrupts the interrogation by claiming Chakotay is delirious. Culluh exits, promising to retun in one hour. When he's gone, Seska disagrees with Chakotay's assessment of her. She says that if she were a killer, he would have been dead long ago. Simultaneously, she pushes a needle between his shoulder blades, at the base of his neck.

[S2E11] Gone, Baby, Gone

The next day, Sam and Cat argue with the building manager over who was going to pay for the damage. Then, a guy named Sherman arrives. Sherman worked at Zapathon. He says to Sam, Cat, and the building manager that he'll pay for the damage and to show how sorry they were, he gave Sam, Cat, and the building manager half price off everything for a month along with free shipping. Sam and Cat start buying even more ridiculous stuff like a hula hoop, dirt from Tennessee, Team USA mittens, and a UFO detector. Nona is babysitting a baby named Tim Festerly. A drone arrives and Nona is so scared she falls to the ground. Tim laughs. The drone was there because Sam wanted to return her giant elephant toothbrush. She puts the toothbrush in a box and has Cat set the box outside. Nona puts the stroller next to the package and goes to get the baby powder. Cat goes to the bathroom, but while they're gone, the drone arrives. Instead of picking up the package, it picks up Tim. The drone flies back to Zapathon, just as Nona sees it. 041b061a72

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