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Embraer 170 CBT .rar

Embraer 170 CBT .rar: The Ultimate Training Course for EMB 175/170 Pilots

If you are a pilot or a student who wants to learn how to fly the Embraer 175/170, one of the most advanced and efficient regional jets in the world, you might be interested in downloading the Embraer 170 CBT .rar file. This file contains a comprehensive computer based training (CBT) course that covers all the essential aspects of the Embraer 175/170 aircraft systems, flight management system (FMS), cockpit procedures, walk around, and more. In this article, we will explain what is Embraer 170 CBT .rar, how to download it, and how to learn with it.

Download File:

What is Embraer 170 CBT .rar?

Embraer 170 CBT .rar is a compressed file that contains a series of interactive modules that can be used for both initial and recurrent training of the Embraer 175/170 pilots. The modules are designed by CPAT Global, a leading provider of aviation training solutions, and are based on the official Embraer manuals and specifications. The modules include:

  • EMB 175/170 Initial and Recurrent Training Course: This course covers all the major aircraft systems, such as electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel, landing gear, flight controls, engines, APU, fire protection, ice and rain protection, air conditioning and pressurization, oxygen, communications, navigation, and more. The course also includes quizzes and tests to assess your knowledge and understanding.

  • EMB 175 Interactive Aircraft Systems Diagrams: This course allows you to learn in a real-time, scenario-based environment. You can interact with the aircraft systems diagrams and see how they work and respond to different inputs and situations. You can also access detailed explanations and animations of each system component and function.

  • FMS Skills Training: This course teaches you how to use the FMS of the Embraer 175/170, which is based on the Honeywell Primus Epic platform. You will learn how to program the FMS for different phases of flight, such as departure, enroute, arrival, approach, and go-around. You will also learn how to use the FMS for performance calculations, fuel management, navigation aids, flight plan modifications, and more.

  • Cockpit Procedures Training: This course helps you to master the cockpit procedures of the Embraer 175/170. You will learn how to perform the normal, abnormal, and emergency procedures in accordance with the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and checklists. You will also learn how to use the cockpit displays and controls effectively and efficiently.

  • Walk Around Training: This course guides you through the walk around inspection of the Embraer 175/170. You will learn how to identify and check the external features and components of the aircraft, such as fuselage, wings, tail, engines, landing gear, doors, windows, sensors, antennas, lights, etc. You will also learn how to spot any signs of damage or defects that might affect the airworthiness or safety of the aircraft.

How to download Embraer 170 CBT .rar?

To download Embraer 170 CBT .rar file, you need to have a valid subscription or license from CPAT Global. You can visit their website and choose the Embraer EMB 175/170 product from their courses catalog. You can then select your preferred payment method and complete your purchase. Once you have done that, you will receive an email with a link to download the Embraer 170 CBT .rar file. Alternatively, you can also request a free trial or view a product demo from their website.

How to learn with Embraer 170 CBT .rar?

To learn with Embraer 170 CBT .rar file, you need to have a computer that meets the minimum system requirements for running the CBT modules. These include:

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or higher

  • Memory: 512 MB RAM or higher

  • Hard Disk: 2 GB free space or higher

  • Display: 1024 x 768 resolution or higher

  • Sound: Sound card and speakers or headphones

  • Internet: Broadband connection for downloading and updating the CBT modules

Once you have downloaded the Embraer 170 CBT .rar file, you need to extract it using a software like WinRAR or 7-Zip. You will then find a folder named "Embraer 170 CBT" that contains the CBT modules and a launcher application. You can double-click on the launcher application to start the CBT program. You will then see a menu that allows you to choose the module you want to study. You can also access the user manual, the help section, and the settings from the menu. You can then follow the instructions and guidance provided by the CBT modules to learn at your own pace and convenience.


Embraer 170 CBT .rar is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn how to fly the Embraer 175/170, one of the most modern and efficient regional jets in the world. The CBT course covers all the essential topics and skills that are required for becoming a proficient and confident Embraer 175/170 pilot. The CBT course is also flexible and convenient, as you can download it and learn with it anytime and anywhere. If you are interested in Embraer 170 CBT .rar, you can visit CPAT Global's website and get your subscription or license today.

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